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حل مشكلة تشغيل قواعد البيانات login failed for user SQL Server
حل مشكلة تشغيل قواعد البيانات SQL-Server من خلال برنامج مايكروسوفت فيجول ستوديو 2012، او طريقة تحويل قواعد البيانات SQL Server Express database to LocalDB وحل مشكلة رسالة الظهور التالية:
the attempt to attach to the database failed with the following information
login failed for user SQL Server
تحدث هذه المشكلة لعدة اسباب ولكن من أهم الأساب هو نوع قاعدة البيانات قد يكون لديك قاعدة بيانات من نوع SQL Server Express وبيئة او مشغل قواعد البيانات لديك مضبوط للعمل على Local Database SQL Server ولحل هذه المشكلة اتبع الطريقة التالية:

1. Modify the data connection

2. Copy the new connection details to your web.config

OK first open the server explorer from the view menu


Then right click on the database file and select modify connection



Then you need to select Microsoft SQL Server Database File as your data source and make sure the correct path is selected for your database file (this is important to check, it may be wrong if you have downloaded the solution from the internet)
Now select advanced and change the datasource to (LocalDB)\v11.0 and the User Instance to false
Now test your connection and view the connection string in the properties of the database by right clicking on the database in server explorer
Now you can copy the connection string into your web.config file and remember to replace the filepath with |DataDirectory| if the database is in the app_data folder

If you have done any of the above wrong you might see the following error messages:

Microsoft Visual Studio
The attempt to attach to the database failed with the following information:

A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: SQL Network Interfaces, error: 50 – Local Database Runtime error occurred. The specified LocalDB instance does not exist.


————————— Microsoft Visual Studio ————————— This database file is not compatible with the current instance of SQL Server.

To resolve this issue, you must upgrade the database file by creating a new data connection, or you must modify the existing connection to this database file


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